Here are a few of the services that talented writers and editors can offer you at Writer’s Block Press.

Editorial Services

  • Copy editing = It goes without saying how important this service is. Our talented copy-editors will read your manuscript carefully and thoroughly and correct it for any grammatical issues, consistency, and other issues that could turn your extraordinary novel into one that is less than ordinary. Our editor will be in constant contact with you and will give you three full read-throughs so that by the time you fix all our edits the manuscript will be ready for the presses!
  • Developmental editing = Need a professional eye to take a look at that novel? Critiquing your own work can be challenging but have no worries our editors will deliver a critique that can take your next revision to the next round. You will receive in-document comments but also a lengthy critique and plan of your novel that can range anywhere between 15 – 30 pages! If we cannot handle your genre, we will find someone who can, so make sure to tell us the genre of your novel and its premise in the email.

Writing Services

  • Ghost writing = need something written? Our talented staff of writers have background and expertise in many things. If you have an awesome idea for a novel or novella but do not have the skill to write it yourself, this option is for you. Request samples of our writing than pair yourself with a writer of your choice and from there both of you will contribute ideas to making that good novel, great.
  • Back-cover blurb writing = Hands down this is the most essential piece of writing you will ever do. Why? Because it is the second thing people will see/read when determining whether or not they will buy the book (the first being, of course, the cover). Writing crisp, compelling copy can be challenging, but our professionals can help. We would read your manuscript and come up with something that will make it stand out amongst all the others.
  • Query letter creation = Do you have trouble with drafting cover letters when applying for jobs? Then you probably have trouble drafting query letters to entice potential reviewers, agents, publishers (whoever!) to read that book of yours. Our experts can help. We will create that press for your writer’s block.
  • The perfect pitch = Can you boil your whole story down to a single paragraph? If you can’t, this option is for you. Our writers will read your story and craft a pitch for you that you can deliver on your way up an elevator, at a conference, or to your friends and family when they ask, “What’s your story about?” And trust us, they will.
  • Article writing = Need an article written for a magazine, newspaper, or project. Let us know what we need to write about and we can see if it matches our expertise.
  • Guest Post = Want our advice on your blog? Just ask us! We would be happy to post on your blog about anything in the publishing sphere.

Email all inquires to any of these above services to

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