Trials of the Core FREE through Story Cartel!

Okay, so in an effort to get more publicity and reviews out for my book, The Trials of the Core, I have decided to undertake a marketing effort that I haven’t heard about at all. It’s called Story Cartel! I found it through BookBaby (which is what I use to publish my ebooks). Anyways, this is a pretty sweet site that allows your book to get exposure for thirty days. 3 weeks people can download your book for free, the final week is for the people to put up their reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, etc. Another great thing about this is that the reviewers are given the incentive of giftcards to places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and also Kindles. I am really excited for this and from what their statistics look like it’ll be a great boost in the momentum of the novel.

Utilizing some of their marketing (a newsletter) I am getting my book out to a potential 18,000 people and their statistics say that an average number of reviews I can expect from it is 15 so that’s good! I am super excited about this and so I am launching my book today!

If you want a free book go to and look for “The Trials of the Core”. Don’t forget to post a review on and Goodreads so that you can be entered into drawings to receive a free gift card! The more places you post your reviews, the more entries you get! :)

So, if you’ve ever wanted to own my book, but never have had the resources, here is your chance! Take advantage of this offer and of the incentives! Tell your friends about it too! Thanks for the support and look for a post in the coming month as I analyze how well this new marketing avenue is!

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